Joseph Hilton  

Managing Director

Joseph Hilton

Joe is a highly skilled engineering manager, structural and geotechnical engineer with over 12 years’ experience gained from the offshore wind, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors.

He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the company, directing an exceptional and highly skilled engineering and management team.

In addition to his role as Project Director and technical advisor for offshore structural and geotechnical related projects, Joe is responsible for developing the overall business strategy, managing the company’s operations and finances, as well as forecasting for stable growth.

Joe is experienced in managing high-value and technically challenging projects from conception to completion. He has successfully delivered engineering management and design services to a wide range of international clients, including some of the world’s most prominent energy developers.

An experienced numerical specialist with a deep understanding of offshore structural dynamics, Joe has co-authored research papers and presented at industry-leading conferences on the topic of advanced monopile design methods.