Konstantinos Papadopoulos

Konstantinos Papadopoulos

Structural Engineer

Konstantinos is a structural engineer with 3 years' experience across offshore wind and oil and gas sectors. He has supported various offshore projects, including the design of structural components for offshore substations (OSS) and wind turbine generator (WTG) substructures. His experience ranges from pre-service analyses of jacket substructures, and the design of platforms and boat landing systems, to the design of XXL monopile-transition piece bolted interface connections. Konstantinos is also skilled in fatigue and fracture mechanic assessments for WTG jacket substructures.

Konstantinos' strong analytical abilities and excellent understanding of engineering principles enable him to develop sustainable and cost-effective structural designs for offshore structures. He is well-versed in tackling challenging problems, and gets fulfilment from providing solutions to new challenges.

In addition to his expertise in structural design and finite element analysis (FEA), Konstantinos is advancing his skills in computer science and software engineering, contributing to the development of in-house engineering software and tools.

Konstantinos holds an MSc in Structural Steel Design from Imperial College London and an MEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Patras. He is a Graduate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and is working towards becoming a chartered engineer.