Saleh Jalbi, PhD

Saleh Jalbi, PhD

Foundations Engineer

Dr. Saleh Jalbi joined the SLPE team after completing his PhD on offshore wind turbine support structures at the University of Surrey. During his PhD, Saleh was involved in several research and development projects. Saleh has authored and co-authored numerous publications on practical design of wind turbine generator (WTG) foundations based on preliminary data, and on the overall dynamic performance of jacket structures including the effects of soil-structure interaction.

Saleh is a Foundations Engineer responsible for structural and geotechnical engineering activities within offshore substation (OSS) and WTG foundation design projects. These include in-place analyses of jacket and monopiles, as well as the assessment of temporary stability during installation phases. Saleh also contributes to the development of in-house software for soil-structure interaction as well as dynamic analysis of support structures for offshore wind farms.

The full list of Saleh's publications can be found here.