Samuel Lawes  

Head of OSS Substructures

Samuel Lawes

Sam is a project manager and lead structural engineer with more than 10 years’ experience in the analysis and design of offshore steel structures.

He is adept at delivering projects at any stage of their lifecycle from tender and front-end engineering design through to detailed design, certification, construction and installation.

Sam’s broad experience spans across oil and gas and renewable energy projects. He is highly conversant with international and European design standards, including country-specific requirements such as the BSH standards that govern German wind farm developments.

In 2020, Sam was appointed as the Head of the Offshore Substations (OSS) team, reflecting his wealth of experience gained over 12 OSS projects delivered to date which include substations founded on jackets and monopiles. He is the technical advisor for all aspects of OSS design, with particular expertise in corrosion protection, transportation and installation design. Sam’s unique insight is a product of his long-standing collaboration with steel fabricators and marine contractors.