Biohuts: A Sustainable Solution for Marine Habitats

10 May 2022

Biohuts, or ‘fish hotels’ as they became affectionately known at SLPE, were part of our approach to creating a nature inclusive design for the Hollandse Kust (Noord) offshore substation (OSS) substructure design.

Biohuts form an artificial reef on the OSS’ jacket substructure by replicating the ecological function of a shallow water nursery, including features such as rocks, sand and submerged aquatic vegetation.

Pre-installed onto the jacket braces, Biohuts create a complex habitat for young marine species to gather and thrive away from predators. Each biohut was partially filled with oyster shells, which serve as an excellent breeding environment for species ranging from North Sea crab and lobster to pollock and cod. The fish hotels are carefully located on the jacket, avoiding the main current, under the splash zone, ensuring a benign environment that will further encourage biodiversity. If required, the modular structural design allows for biohuts to be replaced over the lifetime of the structure.

The design can be easily replicated for use on other substructures. If you look carefully you will see these biohuts on the Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) OSS jacket, which was recently designed by SLPE.