Ellen McLeod Shares Her Thoughts on Her Work Experience with SLPE

19 April 2023
Ellen McLeod - Work Experience at SLPE

Our engineering team had the recent pleasure of being joined by Ellen McLeod, who joined SLPE for several weeks as part of her work experience. It was an enjoyable experience having Ellen on board. Please read her uplifting words below.

“Just before my second year as an A-level student, I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to gain work experience at SLPE. I am planning to study Civil Engineering at university, so this was a crucial decision-making time for me. Although I was fairly set on Civil Engineering, I was the only one among my friends considering a degree that involved physics and maths, so I didn't have anyone who shared my enthusiasm.

“Working with the team at SLPE showed me that there are others who are just as passionate about structural engineering as I am. It was invaluable to experience the subject I had only read about truly in action. I was inspired by being among so many others who are passionate about engineering and having the chance to work on such interesting offshore engineering projects.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SLPE as everyone was extremely friendly, welcoming, and eager to involve me wherever possible. This atmosphere allowed me to gain both knowledge and confidence in a real-world setting, as my tasks ranged from presenting some of my own work to building a model in Ansys. Mostly, I shadowed Navraj, who was kind enough to show me some of the hugely impressive work he does, as well as explaining the models he works on and how the software behind them is used. By the end of my experience, I was able to complete some calculations that were above the A-level level and, with Navraj's guidance, make a simple model of my own to complement the calculations.

“I am grateful for the immensely useful experience I had at SLPE. I feel reassured that a workplace can be an uplifting place. I especially loved seeing concepts that I have started exploring at school in action. Thank you to everyone at SLPE for the time I had with you”.

Thank you, Ellen, we hope your studies are going well and that you go on to find an exciting and rewarding career as an engineer in the offshore sector!

One of our goals at SLPE is to inspire and motivate young individuals, particularly women, to explore the field of engineering as a viable career option. We are committed to supporting the expansion of the offshore wind industry by offering valuable work experience opportunities. Please get in touch to find out more.