Flexibility and Wellbeing: SLPE's Innovative Approach to the Modern Workplace

12 March 2024
a couple of SLPE employees at work in SLPE's London office

At SLPE, our ethos extends beyond the realm of teamwork; we consider ourselves a family. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the offshore renewables industry, we understand the importance of evolving not just in technology and projects but also in how we support and empower our employees. We’re excited to share some significant updates to our Staff Handbook below, which reflect our commitment to providing a progressive, flexible, and supportive work environment.

A New Era of Remote Working

Recognising the shifting dynamics of work-life balance, we've taken a bold step to update our remote working policy. We're moving with the times and embracing the needs of modern workers by offering enhanced flexibility that allows for a ‘hybrid’ work model. Now, our team members can enjoy the best of both worlds, including the collaboration and camaraderie of office life blended with the autonomy and flexibility of working from home. This approach supports a three-day office, two-day home working model, ensuring our team can enjoy the benefits of both environments.

Birthday Leave

At SLPE, we believe in valuing every member of our team. It's with great pleasure that we unveil a new benefit – an additional day off for all employees on their birthdays. This extra day is separate from annual leave, offering the freedom to unwind, celebrate, and spend the day as you choose. Consider it a token of our gratitude for our team’s dedication and hard work.

Enhancing Our Wellbeing Policy

We understand that our success is built on the health and engagement of our team. That's why we've made significant updates to our Wellbeing Policy, focusing on mental health and providing a supportive environment for all. From training and an open-door policy to support for returning to work and an Employee Assistance Programme, we're committed to ensuring our workplace is not just a place to work but a place where all can thrive.

Setting New Standards

These updates reflect our commitment to setting new standards in the offshore renewables industry. By championing a new way of working, we're placing our employees at the heart of our business, empowering them to achieve the perfect work-life balance while maximising efficiency and maintaining trust.

We believe these changes make SLPE an even more attractive place to work, offering a supportive, flexible, and innovative environment that meets the needs of today's workforce. To find out more about life at SLPE and to keep an eye on current vacancies, please visit our Careers page.