Our Top Tips for Nurturing a Sustainable Workplace

26 October 2022
Someone powering down a laptop at SLPE HQ

Today (Wednesday 26 October), for Sustainability Day, we are encouraging each other with some of our top tips for nurturing a sustainable workplace and employee culture. Read below to discover our top tips and why we think they are important.

Cycle2Work Scheme

Cycling to work is an excellent way of helping to protect the environment. When you consider the amount of time a typical person spends travelling to and from work each day, it isn’t hard to understand why it plays a significant role in reducing air pollution, especially when a significant number of people do it.

At SLPE, our Cycle2Work scheme offers employees savings when purchasing a bike, and the option to spread the cost of a new bike across several months, making cycling to work as appealing and accessible as possible. This goes a great length in inspiring a behavioural change and making cycling to work more likely.

For any business looking to encourage an office culture of sustainability, we highly recommend adopting a Cycle2Work scheme. For more information about our Cycle2Work scheme and its benefits, please read our recent update here.

Remote Working

Another way we help reduce our environmental footprint is with flexible remote working. Remote working, when done considerately, can help improve sustainability practices by reducing travel, energy use, and waste. However, studies have shown that for remote working to be truly sustainable, we need to be conscious of how we use our ‘flexibility’, as travelling for recreation and other purposes can counteract the positive effect of working from home. For this reason, as part of our sustainable office culture, we encourage each other to be as carbon conscious as possible when working from home.

Powering Down

Our final tip for nurturing a sustainable workplace culture is powering down at the end of the day. This simple feat can be all too easy to overlook, but it is well worth the effort. From PCs and office equipment to lights, TVs, and kitchen utensils, we maintain a zero-energy policy when our office is not in use. Powering down in this manner helps to make everyone more environmentally conscious and saves a considerable amount of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

We hope these tips inspire you to adopt an environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly culture in your workplace. Thank you to everyone taking part in Sustainability Day. You are welcome to get in touch if you would like to know more about our office culture and employee benefits.