SLPE’s Cycle2Work Scheme

04 October 2022
A bike cycling along a road in London as part of SLPE’s Cycle2Work scheme

Last year, as part of our health strategy, we launched our Cycle2Work scheme. Cycle2Work offers all SLPE employees money off when purchasing a bike and bike accessories, as well as giving people the option to spread the cost of a new bike over several monthly instalments.

The scheme has been adopted by a number of employees in the last few months and is so far proving to be a great success.

“I’m very grateful for the scheme, which has offered all of us at SLPE a number of benefits”, said Luke Jacques, Associate Director. “Asides from the obvious health perks, other benefits include having a more enjoyable, invigorating journey to our London office, reduced public transport costs, and improved mental health and wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend all SLPE employees join the scheme.

“Beyond Cycle2Work, SLPE also offers its employees a number of other incentives, including excellent health and dental insurance, generous parental leave, and a forward-thinking mental health and wellbeing strategy. These benefits, along with options for flexible working hours and remote working, make SLPE a great place to work”.

“We all understand the importance of looking after our physical health” said Joe Hilton, Director of SLPE. “Our Cycle2Work scheme is designed to turn this awareness into action, encouraging SLPE’s employees to get cycling to work and living healthier lives.

“Following our time with St John Ambulance last year, we have become a more health and wellbeing-conscious company, with a vision to improving the health and wellbeing of all staff. Our Cycle2Work scheme plays an important role in our health strategy, and it’s a real pleasure being able to offer the scheme to all SLPE employees. Of course, cycling to work is also better for the environment, which supports our commitment to sustainable development”.

Our Cycle2Work scheme is part of our physical health strategy, which forms part of our strategy to promote both mental and physical health and wellbeing in the workplace. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.