SLPE’s SMERF Software Takes Structural Fatigue Design to New Heights

08 June 2021
 Stress Mapping Elements with Rainflow Fatigue

Announcing Stress Mapping Elements with Rainflow Fatigue (SMERF), the latest in-house software developed by SLPE.

When performing fatigue assessment of structures, a common problem engineers face is how to use the results of a global structural analysis to investigate local stresses at critical components. This is especially a challenge with complex plated structures.

An effective and popular solution to this is the sub-modelling technique, i.e. by developing a detailed local finite element model, mapping the loads from the global model to the local model (stress mapping), and then analysing the local model in fine detail.

SMERF takes sub-modelling for fatigue design to the next level, by performing stress mapping as well as automating hot-spot stress calculations in accordance with DNVGL-RP-C203 and rainflow counting to compute fatigue damage in the time domain.

SMERF has successfully been deployed commercially on a high-profile offshore wind farm project, the results of which have achieved certification. Tom Horsley, Senior Engineer and Software Developer at SLPE has been instrumental to this achievement.

SLPE continues to innovate beyond the status quo, and a key part of this is our culture of collaboration and embracing challenges. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about how we use the latest software and design techniques to develop lightweight and innovative structures optimised for fabrication, transportation and installation.