#SLPEshoutout - Smulders

08 November 2022
Hollandse Kust noord offshore foundation

Over the next few months, we will be giving a shoutout to some of the clients and partners we love collaborating with on offshore renewables projects.

This month, our shoutout goes to our long-term partner and parent company, steel construction company, Smulders.

Projects we have collaborated with Smulders on in the last decade:

  • Hollandse Kust (West Alpha), Netherlands
  • Sofia, UK North Sea
  • Hollandse Kust (Noord), Netherlands
SLPE shoutout Smulders collaboration Hollandse Kust noord

  • Saint-Brieuc, France
  • Moray East, UK North Sea
  • Seastar and Mermaid (SeaMade), Belgium

SLPE shoutout Smulders collaboration SeaMade

  • *Deutsche Bucht, Germany
  • *Hohe See, Germany
  • *Merkur, Germany
  • *Veja Mate, Germany
  • *Butendiek, Germany
  • *Amrumbank, Germany

* Iemants (a subsidiary of Smulders).

“SLPE and Smulders have an impressive track record when it comes to working together”, said Sam Lawes, Head of OSS Substructures. “We have collaborated on more than a dozen WTG and OSS projects in the last decade, each of which has provided an opportunity to broaden our engineering capability and expand our experience working in UK and European waters.

“The fabrication team at Smulders, who we directly liaise with, bring dedication, professionalism, and charisma to each project. Smulders’ extensive engineering division includes some of offshore’s leading engineering talent who, together with SLPE, offer a huge lead in the efficiency of our engineering design for fabrication, transportation, and installation.

“Here’s to a prosperous journey so far – we look forward to many more collaborations in the years ahead”.

Read the latest project updates on our Smulders collaborations below: