#SLPEshoutout – Geowynd

22 June 2023
SLPE and Geowynd’s logos set across a watery background

This month, our SLPE shoutout goes to Geowynd!

Our partnership with Geowynd has been incredibly successful, thanks to their expertise in geotechnical engineering and our capabilities in structural analysis. Geowynd has played a pivotal role in the concept and detailed designs of various offshore structures we have collaborated on. Their contributions include geotechnical designs, soil modelling, and comprehensive assessments of foundation quality and ground conditions. With their extensive experience in offshore wind and use of cutting-edge methodologies, Geowynd ensures robust foundations and carefully assesses risks.

“Our partnership with Geowynd is built on a decade-long relationship, marked by trust, shared expertise, and successful project deliveries”, said Joseph Hilton, Managing Director of SLPE. “Geowynd's founders, Mike Rattley and Scott Whyte, have been collaborating with SLPE since Geowynd's inception, showcasing a deep synergy and mutual understanding. We have co-authored research papers and leveraged each other's knowledge to drive innovation in offshore renewables. The expertise and experience of the Geowynd team have been instrumental in our joint success”.

Combining SLPE's extensive experience in the offshore wind substructure design with Geowynd's specialisation in marine geotechnics creates a formidable force of knowledge and resources. Together, we've successfully optimised monopile foundation designs for larger wind turbines and deeper water sites, proving the effectiveness of monopiles as reliable foundation solutions. This advanced understanding and analysis have significantly increased client satisfaction and the success of our projects.

As we embark on new ventures, our partnership with Geowynd remains a driving force behind innovation, delivering outstanding results in the offshore renewables industry. We are truly grateful to the Geowynd team and eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration in the years to come.