#SLPEshoutout – TenneT

18 January 2023
Hollandse Kust (Noord) - SLPE and TenneT project collaboration

This month, our SLPE shoutout goes to TenneT!

Our TenneT projects include:

• Hollandse Kust (Noord), Netherlands

• Hollandse Kust (West Alpha), Netherlands

“In the last few years, we have had the privilege of supporting TenneT across three separate Hollandse Kust offshore wind farm projects”, said Sam Lawes, Head of OSS Substructures. “Each of these has come with its own challenges, each of which has been a great opportunity to team up with TenneT’s engineers and flex our collective problem-solving capabilities.

“The Hollandse Kust offshore wind farms play a significant role in making Dutch energy supply more sustainable, reducing CO2 emissions and counteracting climate change. We are committed to supporting TenneT’s ambition to be a driving force behind the energy transition, with offshore wind farms playing a central role in its vision.

“The team we collaborate with at TenneT is forward-thinking, experienced, and friendly – an all-round pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing our work with TenneT in 2023”.

Read the latest project updates on our TenneT collaborations below:

Hollandse Kust (Noord)

Hollandse Kust (West Alpha)