Smulders Sports for Charity: SLPE Supports a Great Cause and Raises €10,000 for the Polish Red Cross

28 July 2023
volunteer for the red cross talking to a refugee

At SLPE, we are committed to making a positive impact not only within our organisation but also in the communities we serve. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to get involved with Smulders Sports for Charity. This exciting initiative, led by Smulders and Eiffage Group, allowed us to come together as a team, engage in friendly competition, and support a meaningful cause - raising €10,000 for the Polish Red Cross, which will go towards aiding Ukrainian refugees.

The Challenge

The Smulders Sports for Charity challenge began a few months ago, and SLPE eagerly embraced the opportunity to participate. The objective was simple: by logging various sports activities on the Smulders Sports for Charity app, participants earned points and collectively aimed to complete a virtual 10,000 km course spanning all Smulders branches. The challenge encouraged a wide range of activities and our team was determined to get going.


The involvement of SLPE employees was truly remarkable throughout the challenge. The friendly competition within our organisation brought out the best in everyone. Tom Horsley stood out, cruising to first place within SLPE with his impressive commutes. Ahmad and Vincent also showcased their determination, securing second and third place, respectively. It was heartwarming to witness our colleagues go above and beyond, embracing physical activities that not only promoted a healthy lifestyle but also supported a noble cause.

Tom, Ahmad and Vincent Smulders Sports for Charity SLPE rankings

Reaching the Finish Line

Thanks to the unwavering enthusiasm of our team, SLPE successfully reached 90% of the target with only a modest final push needed to achieve our goal. The last few weeks were crucial, and we encouraged everyone to log their activities to contribute to the collective effort. The dedication of SLPE employees played a significant role in us securing the second-place position in the overall standings. Every step, every stroke, and every minute of physical activity brought us closer to our objective.

Making a Meaningful Impact

After months of dedication and determination, Smulders announced the remarkable collective achievement of raising €10,000 for the Polish Red Cross. This total was matched by The Eiffage Foundation, bringing the total donation to €20,000. Our involvement with Smulders Sports for Charity has highlighted the power of teamwork, camaraderie, and our shared desire to make a difference. As SLPE, we remain committed to engaging in initiatives that benefit our communities and contribute to positive social change. Together, we have demonstrated that even small steps and friendly competition can lead to significant transformations, building a brighter and more compassionate world.

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