Unlocking Potential, Supporting Development

17 February 2023
an engineer reviewing their Professional Development Review

We foster a culture of continuous learning and personal development.

We understand our greatest asset is our people. We invest in industry research and the development of our people, creating deep specialists who are at the forefront of the offshore renewables industry.

As part of our vision to be the world’s leading offshore renewables design team, both for our clients and our staff, SLPE is committed to supporting continuous learning and personal development across our whole team.

To achieve this, a key area of focus for us in 2023 is enhancing our Professional Development Review (PDR) process to ensure that staff are consistently engaged, supported, and challenged to do their best work, whilst maintaining a balanced work life.

At SLPE, we want our PDR process to do much more than offer employees a chance to have an open and honest conversation about their development and performance. To us, it’s also about creating a friendly and trusting environment to:

• encourage reflection, mindfulness, and self-awareness

• provide coaching and mentoring

• listen to our staff, understand their aspirations, and check in on their wellbeing, and

• support staff with the resources and opportunities to increase their skills and achieve their personal goals.

To do this, we now offer:

• a more structured and inclusive PDR process – we recognise that roles and expectations vary across the cross-section of our organisation

• internal training for line managers for a consistent experience across the company

• more regular check-ins, including quarterly reviews against PDR objectives, and

• clearer, SMART-er goal-setting to enable staff to plan their development objectives and training for the months ahead.

Watch this space! To find out more about our office culture and attitude toward continuous learning and personal development, please click here.