Working at SLPE: Chris Gladman, Senior Structural Designer

19 January 2023
Senior Structural Designer, Chris Gladman

This month, we put the spotlight on Senior Structural Designer, Chris Gladman, who joined SLPE in December 2021. Chris has over 20 years’ experience working in the offshore industry. He has trained as a structural draughtsman and gained experience in estimating, tendering, heavy lift, pipelines, building structures, offshore structures, and offshore wind. He has extensive skills in the 3D modelling and 2D drawing of offshore structures and, with this experience, has undertaken the significant role of Lead Designer on our Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm project.

To celebrate Chris’ first year at SLPE, we asked him some questions about his time with us so far. Read below to hear his answers.

What aspect of working at SLPE are you most passionate about?

“I am very passionate about SLPE’s technical innovations. Technical innovation is at the heart of SLPE and we all share an enthusiasm for developing technology that delivers results more efficiently, with greater precision and economic value.

“One way we achieve this is with semi-automated modelling. I believe our semi-automated modelling software is breaking new ground in the industry. It enables us to save significant time when developing designs, by automating drawings, ensuring accuracy, and more. This, in turn, allows us to streamline our internal processes and deliver projects to increasingly tight deadlines. I feel privileged to be part of a company that dedicates time and resource to developing innovative software and design techniques”.

Chris Gladman sitting at a computer in SLPE HQ.jpg

What do you enjoy most about the culture at SLPE?

“It has to be SLPE’s collaborative work culture. There is a genuine sense of collaboration across each project, and across the entire business. We have people from a wide range of backgrounds, both culturally and professionally, who are keen to share their knowledge and support each other. This creates a truly diverse workplace with a variety of benefits.

“Personally, I really benefit from the wide range of insights this kind of workplace offers, which can be of practical help when designing offshore structures. My learning has accelerated significantly since joining SLPE, and my enthusiasm to invest time in others has also grown”.

What do you enjoy most about working for an offshore company that is focused on renewable energy?

“On a practical level, I have really enjoyed utilising some of the design technology that is bespoke to the renewable energy industry. But, in general, I have found it very rewarding being part of a company that is working to support the energy transition, protect the environment, and achieve a sustainable economy. Environmentally, we are at a pivotal point in our earth’s history, and it is encouraging being surrounded by so many who are trying to make a difference”.

If you would like to find out more about Chris, you are welcome to find him on LinkedIn.

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