World Environment Day – Investing in the Energy Transition

05 June 2022

Today (Sunday 5 June) is World Environment Day, the United Nations' day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. The event is one of the largest global platforms for environmental outreach, engaging individuals, businesses, governments, and communities with the importance of environmental action on a global scale.

This year, the United Nations is calling for ‘collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet’. A recent report from the United Nations’ Environment Programme, ‘Making Peace with Nature, identifies the changes needed to close gaps between current actions and those needed to achieve sustainable development. It puts a significant emphasis on the importance of renewable energy for the future health of our planet, including the importance of increased investment in the energy transition.

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“This report really highlights how capable we are of transforming our impact on the world”, said Nick Terry, Head of WTG Substructures at SLPE. “Consumer mindfulness, corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets, and marketing are all playing a strong role in driving energy use towards renewable resources. However, fossil fuels are still the source of over 80 percent of primary energy and continue to propel climate change. The benefits of embracing the energy transition are numerous, including creating new jobs, more efficient use of resources, and a more resilient future. It should have the world’s attention, and we are keen to see how our sector will work with others to address earth’s environmental emergencies and achieve a sustainable economy”.

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